A dental crown or fixed dental bridge serves multiple purposes. From restoring your damaged tooth to filling in areas of missing teeth for aesthetic reasons, each one holds an important purpose in general and family dentistry.

Each of our Tempe dental crowns and bridges treatments is carefully planned out and considered against other types of restorative dentistry, so that you can select the most effective and least invasive option available. Dental Design Studio dentists treat each patient the way we would our own family members. That means you can expect the very best care for your smile, whether you’ve been coming to us for years or are here for the first time because of our convenient same day dentistry services.

Why Would I Need Tempe Dental Crowns and Bridges?

Before determining whether or not you need Tempe dental crowns and bridges, it’s vital to understand the difference between the two types of restorations:

Full Coverage Crowns — A crown (or “cap”) is a type of restorative dentistry treatment that is used when a tooth cannot support a filling. Whether the tooth has a large cavity or is brittle due to requiring root canal treatment could mean that remaining enamel isn’t strong enough to hold a filling in place. Instead, the entire tooth is covered with a dental crown.

Fixed Dental Bridges — Bridges are used to “bridge” the space between two healthy teeth, when there is a gap left by a missing tooth. In some cases, it can replace up to two teeth at once. The design of a bridge makes it look like several crowns bonded side by side one another, but only the crowns on each end of the bridge are bonded over teeth; the other ones are “pontics.” You can also place bridges directly on top of dental implants to replace even more teeth at once.

Most of our Tempe dental crowns and bridges are made of highly durable, porcelain materials. This allows them to withstand everyday wear, without sacrificing aesthetics when you smile. Our dentists work closely with a local lab, so that your final restorations fit accurately and meet your expectations.

What to Expect During Your Tempe Dental Crowns and Bridges Treatment

Getting a full coverage or dental bridge treatment generally requires two separate appointments to complete. During your first visit, one of our dentists will numb the tooth being treated, shape it so that a crown/bridge can fit over it, and take an impression. This impression is sent off to our lab, where your permanent restorations will be made. In the meantime, a temporary restoration will be placed over your tooth.

About two weeks later, you’ll return to our office and have the temporary restoration removed, and the permanent crown or bridge bonded over the tooth.

Caring for Your Crown and Bridgework

Like any tooth, crowns and bridges need to be cleaned regularly. You should floss around them daily, so that bacteria does not collect around the margin and seep underneath (this could cause your restorative work to fail.) For bridges, you should use a floss threader or water flosser daily to clean underneath.

Be sure to schedule a preventive dentistry appointment every six months, so that we can professionally clean around your restoration and examine it to make sure everything is healthy.

Affording Your New Tempe Dental Crowns and Bridges

Quality restorative dentistry should last for years. Your investment in a healthier smile is one that will benefit multiple aspects of your life. At Dental Design Studio, we create each treatment plan so that it includes your estimated dental insurance benefits. That way you know the total cost of your Tempe dental crown and bridge treatment, including any estimated out of pocket costs.

Maybe you don’t have insurance, or need to finance the remaining portion of what isn’t covered by insurance. That’s ok! Dental Design Studio offers 0% interest payment plans through CareCredit. This plan allows you to:

  • Apply online or in our office
  • Get immediate approval so that you can start on treatment right away
  • Coverage on any type of restorative dentistry or cosmetic dentistry treatment
  • Make low monthly payments that fit in your budget
  • Enjoy interest-free financing for up to 12 months

Alternative Uses for Tempe Dental Crowns and Bridges

In addition to restorative dentistry purposes, our Tempe dental crowns and bridges can also be used on top of dental implants to replace missing teeth. With a single implant, a crown will make it seem as if you have a brand new individual tooth. For multiple missing teeth, a fixed bridge can be installed over just two implants so that there is no need to wear a removable partial denture.

The Design Process for Tempe Dental Crowns and Bridges

Getting a crown or dental bridge isn’t something that should be rushed. Dental Design Studio ensures that all our Tempe dental crowns and bridges are custom designed to blend in with the rest of your teeth. We work with a local laboratory, which uses our precise directions and color preferences so that the new restoration matches your smile as best as possible.

Will My Tempe Dental Crowns and Bridges Treatment Hurt?

The dentists at Dental Design Studio want to ensure a gentle and stress-free treatment for every patient. If you’re nervous about something feeling a little uncomfortable, we can even add nitrous oxide to your appointment. “Laughing gas” is a great way to calm your mind, so that you’re not as anxious about having your dental work completed. You can even watch a movie on the television to take your mind off things.

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