If you’ve ever experienced what it’s like to have missing teeth, you know how challenging and embarrassing the predicament can be. From eating your favorite foods to smiling in photographs, a single missing tooth can change just about every facet of your lifestyle. If you’ve experienced this personally, it’s time for you to call our Tempe dental implant office.

How Can Tempe Dental Implants Help Me?

Implants are “artificial,” man-made tooth roots. They rest just inside of your jaw bone the way a real tooth would. Even their size mimics the space taken up by your natural teeth.

While our general and family dentists strive to help you keep your real teeth for life, that isn’t always possible. Implants offer the very best alternative form of restorative dentistry option compared to older types of treatment.

When properly cared for, your implant should last for the rest of your life. It integrates with the bone, so that it is very unlikely to move or ever become displaced. In fact, implants are so strong, that they can support a variety of restorative dentistry options like dental crowns, bridges, and even dentures.

What to Expect During Your Tempe Dental Implant Treatment

Getting dental implants in Tempe is easier than you might think. Most of our patients say that the process is more comfortable than having a tooth pulled. Plus, our nitrous oxide option can help you relax.

During the initial phase of your treatment, we will place the implant and then cover it, so that the area heals and new bone is formed. A few months later, we will uncover the top of the implant, place an abutment on top of it, and then affix your desired dental restoration.

Finding an Affordable Tempe Dental Implant Office

What’s the best way to find an affordable Tempe dental implant dentist?

  • Look for a dentist who has experience placing implants, so that your entire procedure can be completed start-to-finish in one office.
  • Be sure to have an implant dentist who works closely with your insurance company, so that you maximize your benefits while paying less out of pocket.
  • Compare which implant options are available, such as types of restorations and comparing traditional to mini dental implants.
  • Consider 0% financing plans, so that you can affordably pay off your treatment without paying extra.

Types of Restorations for Tempe Dental Implants

Dental implants are a flexible alternative for replacing missing teeth, because of their capability of supporting a wide variety of different restorations. The type of restoration that you choose will depend on the number of teeth that are being replaced. Here are a few examples:

Single Implant Supported Crowns — If you only have one tooth to replace, our Tempe dental implant dentists will install a single porcelain crown over the top of your individual dental implant.

The final results will resemble the look and feel of a real tooth all over again. A conventional option would have been a fixed dental bridge, but that would have required you reshaping the healthy teeth on either side. A single implant and crown keeps the rest of your smile healthy in the process.

Dental Implant Bridges — Let’s say that you have three or four teeth in a row that need to be replaced. Traditionally, your only option would have been to wear a removable partial denture, as a conventional bridge would be too long for the adjacent teeth to support. Now, you can have two implants placed, which act as artificial roots and can support your three or four-tooth dental bridge. In fact, you can even have longer bridges installed, when more implants are used.

Implant Supported or Retained Dentures — Does your denture rock or shift out of place? Do you have trouble keeping it from moving around when you talk or eat? Implants can be used to support your denture so that it doesn’t move.

Depending on the type of implant denture that you select, it can be removable (snap in-and-out) or permanent (affixed so that no one other than your Tempe dental implant dentist can remove it.)

Are Tempe Dental Implants Expensive?

All of the treatments with our Tempe, Tempe, and Tempe dental implant providers are designed to meet both your oral health needs and your budget. If that means using fewer dental implants to support a larger prosthesis (such as a denture) or more implants to support a multi-tooth dental bridge, your treatment is customized to exactly what you need it to be.

Plus, our Tempe, Tempe, and Tempe dental implant dentists offer affordable financing through CareCredit. That way you can:

  • Start on your Tempe dental implant treatment the very same day
  • Enjoy low monthly payments that fit into your budget
  • Access 0% interest financing on all your treatment
  • Pair your payment plan with your dental insurance, for the least amount of money spent up front

Dental Implants vs. Dentures: Which is Right for You?

Our Tempe dental implant dentists are happy to review all viable options for your smile. After all, we feel that you deserve the same choices that a member of our own family would have access to. If that means you’re better off with a denture, dental bridge, or something else, we’ll let you know.

For most people, our Tempe dental implants are the best solution for replacing missing teeth. That’s because they’re longer lasting than any other type of dental prosthesis. It’s one initial investment that can withstand decades of wear. Dentures or dental bridges can usually only make it for about a decade when well cared for.

Ready to find out more? Visit Dental Design Studio today at one of our three convenient locations: Tempe. Our Tempe dental implant dentists have over 60 years of combined experience caring for families just like yours. We invite you to call us today! Se habla español.