Mini implants are a conservative solution to placing dental implants in areas where there isn’t enough space or bone support for traditional dental implants. Because of their small size, mini implants are great for filling in narrow gaps with a small crown or stabilizing removable prosthetics like dentures.

What are Mini Dental Implants? Our Tempe Dentists are Glad You Asked!

Each our Tempe mini dental implants is a small, artificial tooth root that’s biocompatible with the rest of your smile. Like traditional implants, these miniature versions are made of titanium…a material that is often used for surgical joint replacement, because of how well it’s accepted by the body.

The size and shorter length of our Tempe, Tempe, and Tempe mini implants make them possible to place in more people than larger implants. Even if you’ve suffered from years of bone loss or had another dentist tell you that implants were never an option, there’s a good chance that one of our Tempe, mini implant dentists can help!

Tempe Options for Unconventional Implant Patients

Dental implants are one of the very best — if not the best — ways to replace missing teeth. Compared to all other types of restorative dentistry procedures, implants last longer (even for life.) Unfortunately, they can only be installed in areas where there is adequate bone support the size of a natural tooth.

If you’ve lost a tooth, the bone in that area will start to shrink away. This leaves less space and density to install a conventional implant. Fortunately, our mini dental implants in Tempe, Tempe, and Tempe offer the perfect solution. These narrower, shorter implants can be placed in such areas of resorbing bone structure! Not only that, but they integrate with the bone the same way a conventional implant with a crown or bridge would.

Denture Stabilization and Security All Day Long

One of the most common reasons our Tempe, Tempe, and Tempe mini implant dentists use these smaller tooth replacements, is to support removable dentures.

Here’s why: a lot of people struggle with getting their denture to fit comfortably during the day. Either it shifts and rocks out of place, or it’s always slipping when they talk and eat. This can be embarrassing, as it becomes difficult or even impossible to eat or speak clearly. Not only that, the constant movement can cause rubbing and sore spots under your denture…leading to infection.

That’s where our Tempe, Tempe, and Tempe mini dental implants come in. We can install as few as two or three mini implants into your jaw, and then retrofit your removable denture so that it affixes over them, essentially snapping into place. This keeps your denture tightly secured throughout the day, giving you better stability during meals or conversations with your friends.

Plus, you can still remove your denture at night, for easy hygiene and maintenance.

Not a Candidate for Tempe Dental Implants? No Problem!

Our team of Tempe, Tempe, and Tempe mini implant dentists have been providing implant services for years. Not only that, together they have over 60 years of combined experience caring for smiles just like yours. When it comes to state-of-the-art treatments like implants, you couldn’t be in better hands. We’re committed to treating every single one of our patients as if they were a member of our own family.

Single Tooth Replacement with Tempe, Tempe Mini Dental Implants

Let’s say you’ve lost a tooth sometime in the past few years. Initially, you planned to have a bridge placed, so that you didn’t need to wear a removable partial denture. But time got the best of you, and now those teeth have started shifting inward…leaving you less space to work with. Instead of making more space with braces or Invisalign, you decide your best option is to just have an implant and crown placed in that area.

But wait…because of that limited space, you can’t choose to get a traditional implant with one of our Tempe dentists. Instead, a mini dental implant may be your best solution! It fits better in the smaller area, and our Tempe dentists can create a custom sized porcelain crown that affixes right over it.

One thing to keep in mind with Tempe mini dental implant treatments, is that these teeth need to be ones that aren’t responsible for as much weight or load-bearing. They’re better in areas where your bite doesn’t take as much force, due to the smaller size of the artificial tooth root. Feel free to ask one of our Tempe mini implant dentists if this option is right for your particular needs.

Your Affordable Tempe Mini Dental Implant Option

Getting mini dental implants in Tempe is more affordable than you might think. Because they’re smaller and less intrusive, they’re easier to install. All of these factors also mean that it’s a relatively inexpensive process compared to more extensive full mouth reconstruction options. They might even be covered by your dental insurance.

If you don’t have insurance coverage or need to finance part of your treatment, be sure to ask us about our affordable 0% interest payment plan. You can apply in our office or online, and get started with your treatment on the very same day.

Does it Hurt to Get Mini Dental Implants?

Our Tempe, Tempe, and Tempe mini implant dentists know that any type of dental surgery can make a person feel nervous. Fortunately, getting these types of implants is a very straightforward process. Most of the patients at Dental Design Studio tell us that having a traditional implant or mini implant is easier than having a tooth pulled! Nitrous oxide is also available to help you relax.

Contact Dental Design Studio today at one of our convenient locations in Tempe. We offer flexible hours and Saturday treatments by appointment. Call us today for a complimentary mini dental implant consultation. Se habla español.