Has tooth decay left your smile feeling sore? Are you getting tired of hiding your teeth during photos? Whether you’ve experienced an accident or need to catch up on years of dental work, our Tempe, Tempe, and Tempe restorative dentistry teams are ready to help.

Restorative dentistry consists of a combination of multiple different types of treatment. Each one is tailored to the specific needs of individual teeth. For most people, their care plan consists of various forms of dental work to achieve the desired results.

Here are some examples of the types of treatments that you may want to consider:

Mercury-Free Composite Fillings— Minimally invasive Tempe restorative dentistry means that we use the highest quality of filling materials to repair decaying teeth.

Composite restorations are metal-free and mercury-free, so that they blend in with your tooth and bond directly with the enamel. This allows your new filling to be smaller than a conventional amalgam (metal) restoration. They also look better when you smile!

Dental Design Studio is happy to replace your old metal fillings with a white one or porcelain crown upon request.

Diagnostic Digital X-rays—Low radiation digital x-rays allow us to screen for problems in a safe and reliable manner. They provide immediate imaging to assess teeth, existing restorations, and areas throughout the bone and jaw.

Our Tempe restorative dentistry team feels that these high-resolution images, along with intraoral photography, allows patients to take a key role in co-planning and co-diagnosing their oral health needs.

Full Coverage Dental Crowns— When your tooth cracks or has a large cavity that is too big to repair with a filling, a dental crown is your choice solution. Crowns (sometimes called “caps”) cover your tooth up to the gumline, encasing it within a durable shell of porcelain.

Crowns are also used to protect teeth that have received root canal therapy, or on top of individual implants for single tooth replacement.

Custom Dental Bridges— Bridges are a traditional form of tooth replacement. The multiple-tooth prosthesis is anchored on top of healthy teeth that are on either side of the missing tooth, with the artificial “pontic” crown suspended between them.

A bridge can also be installed over dental implants to replace more teeth at one time, without the need of a removable partial denture.

Root Canals — Endodontic treatment is provided by our Tempe restorative dentistry team, so that you don’t have to drive all over Tempe searching for an affordable root canal specialist. A root canal is needed when your tooth has abscessed, suffered severe trauma, or has an infected nerve due to very deep cavities.

Dental Implants— Have missing teeth? Dental implants are perhaps the very best solution when it comes to our Tempe restorative dentistry team rehabilitating your smile. They’re strong enough to support dental crowns and bridges and can last for the rest of your life.

Mini Dental Implants— Mini implants are smaller and shorter than traditional dental implants. This allows our Tempe restorative dentistry providers to place them in areas where bone is narrow. Very little recovery time is necessary. They’re ideal for areas where there is not enough room to use traditional implants, or to retrofit dentures so that they do not slip or slide when being worn.

Full and Partial Dentures— A removable partial or full denture is an affordable way to replace all your missing teeth at one time. They’re a great alternative for people who aren’t candidates for dental implants or need to see fast results. You can even secure them on top of traditional or mini implants for added stability throughout the day.

Need Cosmetic Dental Work?

If you’re not in the need of Tempe restorative dentistry, but your smile still needs some aesthetic attention, you’ll be glad to know that we also offer a full line of cosmetic dentistry treatments like:

  • ZOOM! Teeth Whitening
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Dental Bonding

Invisalign braces are also available, for a healthier and beautiful bite that’s easier to care for.

Are Crooked Teeth a Concern?

Teeth that bite together improperly can lead to problems with your restorations wearing down or fracturing. It can even lead to chipped or flat looking teeth or TMJ disorder.

Dental Design Studio is a comprehensive Invisalign provider, allowing you to access these clear, removable braces here in our office instead of being referred to an orthodontist across town. Adding Invisalign to your Tempe restorative dentistry plan is a great way to help you protect your investment, while enjoying the health and emotional benefits of a straighter smile.

Financing Your Tempe Restorative Dentistry

In most cases, your dental insurance policy will cover a significant portion of your Tempe restorative dentistry work. Our treatment coordinators will provide you with an itemized care plan that outlines all costs involved, including the estimated amount that your insurance covers.

If you don’t have insurance or want to finance the portion of treatment that isn’t covered by insurance, ask about our flexible payment plan.

Get convenient financing that includes:

  • 0% interest for up to 12 months
  • Flexible monthly payment options that fit your budget
  • Immediate approval, so that you can start your treatment on the same day
  • Coverage on everything from general and family dentistry to cosmetic dentistry

Which Treatment do I Need?

Dental Design Studio will never make you feel forced to complete treatment that isn’t necessary or you feel isn’t needed. We work side-by-side each patient to co-plan your course of care. While viewing your x-rays and intraoral images, you’ll see exactly the same things that we do.

As we review the concerns of each tooth, we’ll talk to you about options that may be available and what we would recommend on our own teeth. Depending on your immediate concerns, budgetary needs, and long term goals, you may have a few different choices to consider.

Enjoy convenient same day treatments with our Tempe restorative dentistry team. Families and young children are always welcome. Se habla español. Call us today to schedule.